Customer Focused.

A Customer First Approach

Over the past 25 years, CSI have built an extraordinary team of over 180+ professional and highly skilled employees that focus on product life cycle management services including, forward logistics (product assembly, packaging and distribution) and reverse logistics (product refurbishment, repair, and engineering) services.

CSI acts as an authorized after market service center for many Fortune 500 manufacturers, partnering with a large network of industry leading suppliers across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

We are a customer focused organization that helps electronic manufacturers and their customers optimally assemble, package, distribute, refurbish, repair and retire technology – the customer is at the center of every decision we make.

CSI has been built on the foundation that quality is the key to building a sustainable relationship. We stand behind our three key words – Courtesy, Sincerity, Integrity. CSI views our customers more as partners. We believe this stance has given us a true competitive advantage and tremendous ability to thrive and succeed for over two decades.

Everything CSI does is to ensure we are ready and prepared for any challenges that may arise for our partners. We proactively work on NPIs, supplier qualification, employee engagement and community involvement ensure we are ready for any new products our partners launch.


Driven by innovation and new Smart Technology.

We evaluate the way a business process is run today, optimize it, and make it better for tomorrow




CSI drives efficiencies in the areas of operational cost, turnaround time and product quality through understanding challenges and opportunities for improvement that impact People, Process, and Technology. This core methodology examines the 3 key ingredient factors present in every aspect of our business and advantageously exposes any risks helping us to anticipate pain-points and engineer groundbreaking solutions.

We help IoT companies take their product to market faster,
and support them with their product life cycle.

our clients

We are proud to work with nearly every major telecom and MSO in Canada, and many major manufacturing and supplier brands.