Comprehensive analytics and detailed reporting

We design customized real-time reports that add direct value to your business!

Effective and accurate reporting to our partners and customers has been critical to the success of our relationships.

CSI believes in building customized reports to address its clients individual requirements, while introducing and leveraging industry best practices. CSI has various reporting for Service Providers, Hardware Manufacturers and Test Solution clients that add visibility to their units which they would otherwise not have.

Ask us how we can build a great report for you.


Some Standard Metrics by which we are measured:

  • On-time Delivery (OTD)
  • Overdue Problem Report (OFR)
  • Service Quality (SQ)
  • Number of Problem Report (NPR)
  • Problem Report Closed on Time (FRT)
  • Turnaround Time (TAT)


CSI’s Automated Tester Reporting and Analytics:

  • Detailed read-outs related to the exact fault(s) found within a failed unit.
  • Results aggregated into pool analysis for propensity of faults occurring and provide product specific trend data for service providers and manufacturers
  • System captures and records images of errors that have been flagged on individual STBs