Making a Success Story

Here’s What CSI Offers

At CSI Incubator, we are committed to helping you take the giant leap from Idea to Inception. We provide you with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical resources that will help you diminish the disadvantage your small business faces, and level the field on which you compete. We’re offer your small company the advantages of a big one.

We offer an ideal incubation platform, complete with the following services:

Product Idea Accelerator

This is where the show begins. Whether you’re an inventor, or a software entrepreneur, we will help you turn your innovation into a product. We have an eye for talent, and pride ourselves in identifying potential and turning innovative ideas into profitable businesses.

We’re entrepreneurs. We have a proven track record in mentoring new businesses. We want to help shape the next generation of enterprise.

Let’s Make Your Ideas Real
  • Facilitate meeting with willing investors
  • Provide you with a team of seasoned product engineers
  • Offer insights into manufacturing and supply chain
  • Offer education in business management, marketing, finance and distribution
  • Provide office space and prototyping labs
  • Help in fine tuning pitch for potential investor

Product Design and Engineering

Turning Ideas into Tangible Businesses

We love innovative ideas, and promote them passionately. We have expertise in taking ideas from prototype to finished product, and can help you market them effectively. We act as a catalyst, helping you create new hardware and software products, and offering our experience in “getting it done”, paving the way for your project.

We are committed to helping you narrow the gap between innovative idea and product delivery. We’ll help you refine your designs, build sophisticated development models and test them against the best benchmarks in the industry.

Our passion is in making

We build the bridge between the world of ideas and the delivery of products.

We workshop ideas, refine designs, build prototypes and test products. We share or extensive experience and practical knowledge.

We will help your idea evolve, and become the best product possible.


We reduce time-to-market, and help you minimize risk.

At CSI, we help develop strategies that allow you to reduce turnaround time for both hardware and software products. We help turn advanced prototypes in to consumer products as quickly and safely as possible. Leverage our expertise in supply chain and distribution channels to give your company the advantage of our experience.

Manufacturing Solutions

We provide you with a tested platform for manufacturing, where your prototypes become consumer products as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can take care of your product’s specific requirements along its path through product engineering, manufacturing, packaging and logistics. We’ll help you get to your end user.

Not a Cookie-Cutter Approach

Your idea is unique, and your product is like no other. We offer a tailored strategy, where our experts operate as an extension of your team, providing you with guidance and expertise gained through years of experience. We’ll help you and your product from conception to maturity. In today’s competitive market, we know that “good” isn’t “good enough”, and we’ll help you ensure that your product or software acquires a competitive edge before making its way to market.

Packaging and Fulfillment

In today's competitive marketplace, packaging can make the difference between success and failure. We have expertise in the packaging of all manner of products, and can help you make a perfect first impression when your customer sees your product on the shelf, takes it off the shelf, and out of the box. We know how to provide a package that stands out against the competition, and gives consumers the best visual and first-touch experience.

AS far as fulfillment is concerned, we always work on a customized strategy to ensure that the supply-demand ration is fulfilled. We take care of product storage, inventory management, and processing. The CSI has a strong and well-established distribution network that ensures your product is always available when your customer is looking for it.

As an incubator, we consider your success to be our own. All of our assistance is designed to be invisible, allowing you to build you own brand recognition.

Inventory Management and Retail Distribution

Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

Leverage our experience in knowing which market to enter, and at what time you should do so. We have proven acumen and experience in technology product aggregation, and we define channel marketing strategies for start-ups as well as established brands, and know how to foster market penetration for increased sales.

We offer end-to-end inventory and distribution solutions that include purchase management, product delivery, inventory management and distribution through online and retail networks in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. We’re here to streamline costs and maximize profits at every step of the process.