Get your product to market faster

CSI’s Forward Logistics Services include the assembly, staging, packaging and distribution of your product, accelerating its time to market and enhancing it’s quality

Forward Logistics is an important part of the consumer electronics life cycle. As a product developer, you want to ensure that your product is assembled, handled and distributed with confidence. With its extensive industry experience in the consumer electronics logistics services, CSI will ensure your product is packaged to spec and distributed to your service provider, retailer or end customer accurately.

  • Product Assembly Services provide early to mid-stage electronic product developers with access to our production workforce to assemble their product in high volumes according to their specifications.
  • Product Staging Services enable service providers and retailers to purchase high volumes of consumer electronic products from manufacturers and have them configured or customized (firmware/software/hardware cosmetics) to meet the demands of the local customer base.
  • Kitting and Packaging Services enable electronic manufacturers the ability to package their products in high volume according to custom orders and location specific requirements.
  • Storage and Distribution Services enable electronic equipment manufacturers to store and distribute their products to service providers, retailers and end consumers