Smart Technology. Delivered and Supported.

Celebrating over 25 years of success in the Electronic Equipment Repair & Logistics industry.

CSI provides product life cycle management services including, forward logistics (product assembly, packaging and distribution) and reverse logistics (product refurbishment, repair, and engineering) services to major manufacturers and service providers in Canada and the US. The company acts as an authorized after market service center for many Fortune 500 manufacturers, also partnering with a large network of industry leading suppliers across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Today, we witness technology innovation at a blinding pace.

To meet the demands of that change, we have built an extraordinary team of over 180+ professional and highly skilled employees that focus on comprehensive repair and R&D, and process of over ~1MM units of equipment annually, and provide exceptional customer service.

Support for the life cycle of technology

We are committed to quality and customer focus

CSI is ISO 9001:2008 + TL 9000 Certified.

We are consistently audited by stringent international governing bodies, as well as by our demanding customers – manufacturers and service providers alike.

This rigorous standard has enabled us to ensure our processes are in-line with the stringent demands of our customers and partners within the industry.

This certification has been critical in providing our organization with additional levels of credibility and trust form our partners. It has given us the ability to on-board many of the Fortune 500 Manufacturers we work with today!

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