Returns Management

Tue, Nov 12, 2019 Jugaansan Thayalan, VP Finance, CSI

CSI has the expertise and resources to be able to handle the entire product returns management needs of any business. We are able to manage the reverse logistics flow of products in an efficient manner. In this process, our skilled team can identify opportunities to reduce any unwanted returns. Eventually, our lean operations will control reusable items to keep costs at minimal. This translates into a reduced carbon footprint of our customers.

CSI is currently handling all the product returns needs for an enterprise customer. We receive all the electronics returns directly from the end customers and regional offices. These units are then tested and cleaned by our staff. We store the items in our warehouse until the customer requests for the products to the shipped to end customers as needed.

We focus on 3 key principles in our return’s management practice: speed, visibility and control. CSI processes the returned items in a fast and efficient manner using automated workflows. We track the inbound shipment using bar-coded identifiers to capture and provide visibility to our enterprise customer on parts, condition, quantity and status. CSI provides timely quality assurance measures to help identify the root causes of the returns. Our reporting systems are automated to improve communication and decision making by the stakeholders.

CSI aims to manage the returns management process efficiently to increase value recovery and reduce costs stemming from wastage.