Engineering Change Orders

Thu, Nov 28, 2019 Jugaansan Thayalan, VP Finance, CSI

In the event a customer has a strategic initiative in place to upgrade existing equipment in high volumes, or if a manufacturer has a challenge with the production run of one of their products, CSI has the ability to open, retrofit, upgrade or make minor technical adjustments to units in large volumes, while keeping products within the local ecosystem.


A major MSO implemented a strategic initiative to have a minimum HDD size for all newly provisioned STBs that were entering the market. As a result, all returned STBs which did not meet the minimum HDD size needed to be upgraded.

CSI worked with both the MSO and the manufacturer to execute the HDD upgrade project and retrofit over 200,000 STB units within a period of one year. This service resulted in cost savings to the MSO through reduced new inventory purchases and reduced emissions into the environment through the reuse of existing equipment.