Our CSR promise

Thu, Dec 05, 2019 Stan Muthulingam, Founder & CEO, CSI

CSI believes in taking measures to avoid products from being wasted. This is imperative for our CSR. Waste prevention results directly in weight diverted from landfills.

We provide reports to our customers highlighting these efforts by:

  • Calculating how many trees need to be planted to offset Carbon Emissions equivalent.
  • Providing detailed analytics regarding the types of issues with boxes, and improved management of units, and management of units deemed Beyond Economical Repair (BER) to be discarded.
  • Potentially measuring environmental impact of purchasing a new product vs. repairing and re-deploying a unit. (e.g. The savings of carbon footprint is approximately 80% vs. reusing an existing product).

CSI provides CSR-focused reporting on emissions and credits to our customers. These include key measures on waste diversion stats, carbon footprint stats and material efficiency stats.

CSI has recently purchased tonnes of carbon offsets for the following initiatives:

  • Forest Restoration – Maple Ridge, BC.
  • Landfill Gas Recovery – Facility based in Niagara Falls, ON.
  • Tire Recycling – Facility based in Beauceville, QC.
  • Municipal Organic Waste – Central composting facility in Hamilton, ON.

We contribute double the amount of carbon emissions caused by outbound shipments each year.